BLOG: it's not as easy as it should be

Currently, i am in a predicament that places me in an awkward situation. Well, this isn't new to me as i am used to awkwardness although, this is a bit different.

My previous producer & i had a disagreement that puts me in a situation whereas, i am unsure of the project we had been working on since 2017 titled 'Autumn Pain'. This is a project i hold deeply close to heart because of the circumstances that came with the creation of the entire EP, be it the manner in which it had been recorded and the contents of the project as a whole.

As you have noticed, i am releasing a different extended play that contains a totally different direction & is of course derived from a different life experience. I am unsure though that 'Autumn Pain' will come out unless whatever is taking place is resolved but nothing can stop me from releasing music that you will love. 

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